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North Shore Beaches

Brant Point Beach Located right at the Brant Point Lighthouse, this is not really a beach that you can swim at. There is some sand but the currents are very strong with lots of boat traffic and no lifeguards or restrooms. This is a nice place to sit and watch the boats go by or the artists painting the lighthouse, but swimming is not recommended.

Children's Beach Located right on the harbor, this is the most wave free beach you can find on Nantucket. There is a playground and bandstand nearby. This beach has lifeguards and restrooms.

Jetties Beach Just a short walk from town, this beach has tennis courts, a skateboard park, and a playground. Being on the north shore, the waves are not that large. It is a nice family beach. The annual Boston Pops concert is held on Jetties. This beach has lifeguards and restrooms.

Dionis Beach Located on the western side of the north shore, Dionis beach is more remote than Jetties. This beach is loaded with seashells (and seaweed). Waves are generally small and the beach is very long. Many families like this beach.

South Shore Beaches

Cisco Beach Located on the western side of the south shore at the end of Hummock Pond Road, this beach is known for surfers and soft sand, very soft sand. The surf is very strong and there are limited lifeguards and restrooms.

Miacomet Beach Located at the end of Miacomet Road or South Shore Drive, this beach has very heavy surf and very strong currents. It is a long beach with a lifeguard in one area. There are no restrooms.

Surfside Beach Located at the end of Surfside Road, this is a very popular beach with the younger crowd. It is easily reached by bus or bike. The surf can be heavy. Food, restrooms and lifeguards are at this beach.

Tom Nevers Beach Located at the end of Tom Nevers Road, this beach has very coarse sand. The surf can be heavy and there are no lifeguards or restrooms available.

Western Shore Beaches

Eel Point Beach This beach is very remote being on the most western end of the North shore and is also subject to tidal flooding. It is possible to get stranded out there if the conditions are right. There is lots of sea grass which is great for eels, hence the name of the beach. Eel Point is the best beach on Nantucket for collecting seashells. You can walk all around the point and find some shells that you won't find on any of the other beaches. Bring a bucket to fill with shells. There are no lifeguards or restrooms on this beach. You are on your own. Eel Point is also a great place to watch the sunsets. Not as nice as Madaket, but a very close second.

Madaket Beach This is a huge beach and is THE beach for watching the sunsets. The western most tip of the beach is only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicle. There are some lifeguards and restrooms but not on the entire length of the beach. The surf is very heavy.

Eastern Shore Beaches

Siasconset Beach Located at the end of Milestone Road, this beach has heavy surf. There are lifeguards but no food or restrooms.

Great Point Beach This beach is very, very long. There are no lifeguards and it is part of the Coatue Wildlife Refuge. To access it by four-wheel drive vehicle, you need a special pass, which is $125.00 for the season (see above).




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